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Changes in Belarus IP legislation

On January 9, 2023, the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 243-Z “On Changing Laws on Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Objects” was officially published. This law is aimed at adjusting the existing legislative acts in accordance with the provisions of international treaties, including Eurasian ones.

The law involves the following significant changes:

1. The deadline for the trademark preliminary examination was changed from two months to one business day.

2. A new mechanism for issuing a compulsory (non-exclusive) license was introduced. It includes the use of the invention, utility model and industrial design without the patent holder consent but with the obligation to pay the reward to the holder.

3. The law “On copyright and related rights” is supplemented by an article on the use of musical works during the conduction and (or) media coverage of individual cultural measures without the consent of copyright holders. At state, political, historical, ideological, international or socially significant events, which are financed in full or partially at the budget expense and devoted to public holidays, memorable dates or important events in the state and society life, it is allowed to use musical works without the author consent but with the payment of royalty to the right holder.

Some changes regarding patents and trademarks will enter into force in 10 months from the date of this law publication, while the part related to copyright and related rights has already entered into force.

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